Welcome to FreezePhraze, the multi-player puzzle game that uses Java technology to bring you the most challenging game on the Web. Before you play, please carefully read these instructions on how to play and review our frequently asked questions.

How To Play

  1. Every 2 minutes a new game begins with a 5 minute game period. Each game will have 2-6 contestants. After you've logged in, you'll be sent to a waiting area where you will wait for the next game to begin. As you wait, a timer in the lower left hand of the screen will count down the time until the game's scheduled start.

  2. When the game time arrives, you'll automatically be taken to the game.

  3. The layout of the game board page consists of the following:
    • a scoreboard that lists the names of each player and their respective scores.
    • a timer listing the amount of time left in the game.
    • a panel that displays a clue to the puzzle as well as the jackpot of points for the puzzle.
    • a panel listing the letters previously guessed.
    • the puzzle appears as a series of blocks that represent hidden letters in the phraze.

  4. When it is your turn to guess a letter, your name will be highlighted in a different color than the names of the other players. Above the puzzle, you will see a long text box for you to enter the answer to the puzzle. If it's your turn, you can use this box to enter a letter.

  5. Each player gets one choice of a letter each round. You are allowed to choose any letter of the alphabet or a number from 0-9. Punctuation is already provided, although it must be include in your answer. The letters appear automatically when guessed. name on the scoreboard marks the contestant's turn.

  6. You have 40 seconds to guess a letter. If you do not guess a letter in the time provided, you will be skipped and the next player in turn will be given the guess. If you guess a letter that's already been used, you will not get any credit for it.

  7. When a letter is guessed, it will be added to the list that appears below the puzzle for your reference.

  8. If you guess a letter that does not appear in the puzzle you will receive no points.

  9. Scoring is determined by the frequency of a letter divided by the number of points in the jackpot. The less frequently a letter appears in a puzzle, the more it's worth. Therefore, a letter that appears once in a puzzle is worth more than a letter that appears four times.

  10. ATTENTION: Vowels will cost you points! Like "Wheel of Fortune", you must buy vowels at a price of 10 points each. To make matters worse, FreezePhraze charges 10 points per appearance, so if a vowel appears five times you will be charged 50 points. If you chose a vowel that does not appear in the puzzle, you will still be charged 10 points.

  11. You can guess the puzzle at any time during the game, but if you guess incorrectly you will lose 10 points. If you guess incorrectly you will be notified and returned to the game board page.

  12. If you are the first to guess correctly, you will receive the remainder of points in the jackpot and the next puzzle will appear. Whoever has the most points at the end of the 5 minute game period wins that game.

  13. After the game is complete, you will be put in line for the next game.

If you have any questions or problems that arise while subscribing, please refer to our FAQ or contact Eddie.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do the games last?
    Each game lasts 5 minutes.

  2. What do I do if my browser doesn't update for a while?
    Try clicking the "reload" button on your browser. If your browser doesn't update for about two minutes, it means your connection to our server has been broken and you must reestablish it before the game will work for you. Server Push requires you to be connected to our server at all times, so our server can update your browser.

  3. Do I have to wait until its my turn to guess a letter before I can guess the puzzle?
    No. You can make a guess at the puzzle at any time during the game.

  4. Will I lose points if I guess the puzzle incorrectly?
    Yes. If you guess the puzzle incorrectly, you will lose 10 points.

  5. Does spelling count or can I come close to the answer?
    Spelling does count, so type carefully and have a dictionary handy.

  6. Can I guess more than one letter at a time?
    No. You can only guess one letter at a time.

  7. Will I lose my turn or lose points if I guess a letter that's already there?
    No. You will be notified of your error and you'll be given another guess. No points will be deducted.

  8. Can I guess numbers?
    Yes. You can guess any number from 0 to 9.

  9. Can I guess punctuation?
    No. Punctuation is already provided for you, although you must include it when you guess the answer to the puzzle.

  10. Should I include punctuation in my guess of the puzzle? If punctuation is provided as clues in the puzzle, you must include that punctuation in your answer.

  11. Do I lose points if I guess a letter that isn't in the puzzle?
    No. You receive no points if you guess a letter that isn't in the puzzle.

  12. Do I receive points for guessing a vowel?
    No. You will be deducted points if you guess a vowel. You must buy vowels at a rate of 10 points per occurrence of vowel.

  13. Can I end up with a negative score?
    Yes. Try to avoid this humiliating state.

If you have any questions or problems that arise while subscribing or playing, please refer to our Game Instructions or contact Eddie.

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